Mid Atlantic Bread

Mid Atlantic Bread   18⁰  00.96 north 38⁰  48.79 west,  Atlantic Ocean

The recipe for the bread is very straightforward and incredibly satisfying to bake in mid ocean!



  • 500 grams Bread Flour, I used a French Pain de Campagne mix.
  • 375 ml tepid water
  • 8 grams quick rise yeast
  • 1 teaspoon of Salt
  • 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil


  • Lékué Silicone all in one bread bowl
  • GN Espace grid shelf on bottom setting.


  1. Mix the flour and salt in the bowl, then add the yeast. Gradually add the water, you may not need it quite all of it, so leave a little in bottom of jug. Add Olive Oil.
  2. Knead the mix until you have a pliant stretchy dough. (10 mins) It will be quite wet, but shapeable. And should not stick to bowl when you work it. Shape roughly into a ball.  Close top of bowl and leave in a warm secure place for about 30 mins.
  3. The Dough should have risen in size. Knead for a few minutes and shape into a ball. Put back in silicon bowl.  Close top of bowl, leave for 50mins.  Turn on Ocean Chef oven to max heat.
  4. Now open bowl, with a sharp knife make diagonal slashes in dough, and then cross them to make diagonal pattern. Sprinkle with plain flour.
  5. Put open Silicon Bowl with dough in it in the oven. Turn temp to 225 and bake for approx 35 mins. During this time do not open door of oven.
  6. After 35 mins remove bread from bowl, and bake on shelf for another 5/10mins to get a good crust.
  7. Allow to cool on a rack for at least an hour after baking. Your crew will want to tear into it. So guard carefully.


  • If the boat is heeling, you can knead and shape dough in the Silicone bowl.
  • The silicone bowl is available from most good cooking shops.



Recipe Contributor:  SY Pleione crew / GN Espace

The crew of SY Pleione have embarked on a transatlantic crossing, the first leg of their planned circumnavigation.

Their yacht, a Cigale 16, has all elements of an exceptionally fast blue water sailing cruiser.  The powerful hull is designed for speed, upwind as well as long planning in the trade winds.

The crew chose the 3 burner Ocean Chef marine stove for the galley.  This high performance and gas saving cooker is an essential piece of equipment for live aboard and ocean cruising.


GN Espace is made up of keen sailors who have been fortunate enough to combine their passion for sailing with their love of food. The Company specialises in producing marine cookers and associated galley products for all sizes of yachts.

For further information please visit the GN Espace website at:   www.gn-espace.com


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